Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1st - One year to Go!

Good Morning Family and Friends,

As I have been praying and asking Heavenly Father what to share with you today, I have decided not to focus on one thing/topic but to share a bunch of little things I've learned this week. I hope that you find something that helps you this week. Here is a little bit about my week.

Monday-P-day! This week was Sister Gibbons birthday so we went with the Cottonwood sisters and got pedicures, then of course we went to the missionaries favorite, Razzlious for frozen yogurt. Pretty fun day.

Tuesday - I made Sister Gibbons a birthday 5 minutes....I'm such a good companionšŸ˜‰. We had lunch with Sister Little and a big Birthday dinner at the Easts. Navajo tacos and birthday cake, then came home and Sister Nordstroms made her a cookie cake....and then we had to have her tradition of cheesecake.....gained 5 lbs...maybe!

Wednesday- Awesome spiritual day! District Meeting was just what I needed this week. We sat around a table and discussed and read Moroni 6, how we need to run our meetings, how we need to be with recent converts, etc. Basically how the church should be ran and our role as missionaries in it. Then for practice teach I played as a less-active for our Zone Leaders. Can I just say, I have never felt the spirit so strong, when someone has bore their testimony. I said a prayer in my heart before we started that I could act as if I was the person I was acting as and that I could say what he would say. My prayer was answered. As they taught me, the spirit was so strong, I learned so much about Our Savior and myself. It was awesome! At the end of the practice we all just looked at each other, I won't lie a I got a little chocked up, and we had realized that we weren't the ones talking, we are just tools for Our Heavenly Father. What a blessing it is to be a missionary!

Thursday- We did a lot of teaching but one story I would like to share with you. We had some members move into the ward not too long ago and we wanted to go get to know them better. He told us a personal story that made me think.

When he was 19 he started thinking about a mission, the Bishop called him in and told him they same thing he had been thinking about. A few days later he got a call from a racing company and they asked him to come drive their race car. He accepted the job and forgot about the mission. He started racing and did awesome! He was racing with the professional "big dogs", won a bunch of races, has a bunch of trophies, pictures in newspapers and magazines, he had it made. Then a couple years later his boss called him into his office and told him he was selling the business. He has the option to go sell car parts but wasn't going to race anymore. He was driving home that day and the spirit said "do you know what today is?". He thought through birthdays, holidays, etc. and then the spirit said "two years". It had been exactly 2 years from the time he could have left on his mission. He said "I looked back at those 2 years and said yes they were good but, what do I have to show for it? Some trophies, newspapers, and magazines. Nothing compared to what a return missionary has to show. "
If you are contemplating or doubting going on a mission....GO! End of discussion!

Friday-Sunday- Sister Gibbons has been sick so we have been home. Pretty boring for me but, I have got a lot of reading and pondering in. Church was great.

"Don't be afraid of the testing and trials of life. Sometimes when you are going through the most severe tests, you will be nearer to God than you have any idea, for like the experience of the Master himself in the temptation on the mount, in the Garden of Gethsemane, and on the cross at Calvary, the scriptures record, 'And, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.' (Matthew 4:11) Sometimes that may happen to you in the midst of your trials." - President Harold B. Lee
Pray More. Worry Less.
Sister Reber

 In Shingletown!
 Palo Cedro District

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