Monday, June 29, 2015

Have a great 4th

Good Afternoon!
I have so many things I want to share today. So many mixed thoughts. As I prayed about what to share with you all today, these are the things that came to mind. They don't have much to do in common but I hope something, at least one thing, stands out to you. 

How much are we willing to give?? How much do you love those around you? 
Coming on a mission I didn't realize this was a life long commitment. When you are called on a mission you are called to serve in a certain area for 18-24 months, you become a representative of Jesus Christ, and when it's over you don't go back home and forget all about it. While you are on a mission you are an instrument in the Lords hands. You bring people closer to Him. You become friends and family. When you go home....relationships should not change! Missionaries have a responsibility to be an example to their converts, less actives, members, etc. FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. We can't and SHOULD NOT go home and become someone we have taught these people not to be. This is an eternal mission. We are a Shepherd forever. RM's I'm taking to you! Here is a story I read this week. 
"When I was a very small boy, my father found a lamb all alone out in the desert. The herd of sheep to which its mother belonged had moved on, and somehow the lamb got separated from its mother, and the shepherd must not have known that it was lost. Because it could not survive alone in the desert, my father picked it up and brought it home. To have left the lamb there would have meant certain death, either by falling prey to the coyotes or by starvation because it was so young that it still needed milk. Some sheepmen call these lambs “bummers.” My father gave the lamb to me and I became its shepherd.
For several weeks I warmed cow’s milk in a baby’s bottle and fed the lamb. We became fast friends. I called him Nigh--why I don’t remember. It began to grow. My lamb and I would play on the lawn. Sometimes we would lie together on the grass and I would lay my head on its soft, woolly side and look up at the blue sky and the white billowing clouds. I did not lock my lamb up during the day. It would not run away. It soon learned to eat grass. I could call my lamb from anywhere in the yard by just imitating as best I could the bleating sound of a sheep: Baa. Baa.
One night there came a terrible storm. I forgot to put my lamb in the barn that night as I should have done. I went to bed. My little friend was frightened in the storm, and I could hear it bleating. I knew that I should help my pet, but I wanted to stay safe, warm, and dry in my bed. I didn’t get up as I should have done. The next morning I went out to find my lamb dead. A dog had also heard its bleating cry and killed it. My heart was broken. I had not been a good shepherd or steward of that which my father had entrusted to me. My father said, “Son, couldn’t I trust you to take care of just one lamb?” My father’s remark hurt me more than losing my woolly friend. I resolved that day, as a little boy, that I would try never again to neglect my stewardship as a shepherd if I were ever placed in that position again. …
After more than sixty years, I can still hear in my mind the bleating, frightened cry of the lamb of my boyhood that I did not shepherd as I should have. I can also remember the loving rebuke of my father: “Son, couldn’t I trust you to take care of just one lamb?” If we are not good shepherds, I wonder how we will feel in the eternities." (Of Lambs and Shepherds by President James E. Faust) 
Can Heavenly Father trust us with His children....forever? 
The next far are we willing to go to help HIS children? I was reminded of the 4 pioneer rescuers that carried the pioneers across the Sweetwater River. I've always looked up to these 4 young men that put their life on the line to help others. I've seen "rescuers" in my own life. 

"So many miles, and such a shallow stream, but wet and
Wide with sticky mud. And this time there was snow and ice.
Not ice enough to cross on, like the miracle at Nauvoo.
Another miracle was needed here; and perhaps a sacrifice.
With wagons, clothing, food, and fire for loved ones yet unknown,
Men and boys from Zion climbed their mountains through the frost
To find the stranded pioneers, exhausted on the prairie and
Dying in November’s snows, with the Sweetwater still to cross.
Their clothes were rent; their strength was spent; they’d eaten belts and shoes.
Hundreds there were winter-bound with no hope that they might rally;
It would take a bridge of living flesh, willingly laid down,
To save the souls at Devil’s Gate and bring them to the Valley.
Then the Valley boys, some beardless, brave, saw no other way.
The young men knew what they must do--saw what was required,
And carried, ferried, the weak and sick across the freezing water,
Crossed and recrossing, crossed again. Crossed, though chilled and tired.
And as the young men waded, bearing on their strong, warm backs
Their loads of tired flesh, of fathers, mothers, children, wives,
Ignored the pain, the chills like nails in freezing hands and feet,
They crossed for love--and Jesus’ sake--and offered life for lives.
And while from Devil’s Gate all crossed to the shelter of the Cove,
Like lambs born in too-early spring, the young men shivered and they froze,
Bearing scores of pilgrim strangers, the least of all the pioneers,
Who had pushed their carts and their poor hearts till both broke in winter’s snows.
That cold and lonely river was once the crossroads of the world,
Where works of faith met gifts of grace at the continent’s divide.
God there poured out his mercy on both the saviors and the saved,
And those who crossed and washed in that sweet Water never died." 
(Sweetwater Crossing (November 4, 1856) By Stephen E. Robinson)

We may not have to cross an ice cold river to help those around us BUT are we, are you, am I, even willing to do the small things? 

This week has been filled with miracles. We were able to watch 2 daughters of our Heavenly Father enter into convents with Him. We were able to teach H, a child of record, for the past few months. Here family is amazing. Her mom is a recent convert and their family is progressing in the gospel! 
B got baptized! What an amazing baptism! There were so many missionaries that attended. President and Sister Marston attended and the Stake Presidency. I won't lie, I was so nervous to give The Restoration presentation. It went great though. She is preparing to go to the temple the second week in July! She is so solid in this gospel! 

I'm thankful for this gospel! I'm thankful for the Plan of Salvation, that not only can I live with my family for eternity but with all the people that have became family! I'm thankful that there is no such things as goodbyes on this earth, only "see you laters". One day we will all see each other again. I'm thankful for a living prophet on this earth that receives direct revelation for God, for us, and if we follow his council we will be blessed. This Church is true! 

Sister Reber 

Other thoughts from the week:

D&C 136:17 "Go thy way and do as I have told you, and fear not thine enemies; for they shall not have power to stop my work."

1 Corinthians 10:13 "There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it."
The Lord will not allow us to be tempted beyond our capacity to resist.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Week!

It's been a quick week! It's gone by fast since last P-day! We have been busy finding new people to teach! We are excited for this next week! We have a baptism and are excited to start teaching some new investigators. Here is a few pictures from the week:
Sister Mackay and I, with E! She is the cutest little girl ever! We went to dinner and Ice cream with them. 
Sister Mackay and the chocolate bars we delivered for the ward yesterday for Fathers Day! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A New Transfer!

Good Afternoon Everyone!
It's been a good couple of weeks and I'm excited to share it with you. I didn't email last week so I have even more to update you. So here you go.....

Transfer weekend: Friday Night I got a call from Sister Vakapuna and she said "Sister Reber you are going to speak at C's funeral.....tomorrow!" I just about died! It's a good thing I love Vak! C was an investigator we were teaching in Auburn. She found out a week before that she had cancer and passed away 6 days later. I was scared to talk but I prayed and prayed not to be nervous. We got to the funeral the next morning and found out I was the main speaker! I thought I was just suppose to get up and share a few words. It's a good thing I know the Plan of Salvation by heart. They started and introduced me. I got up and gave the "sermon" they wanted. It went well I think.  
Saturday night before transfers we had a specialized zone meeting and found out who would be getting transferred. Before we found out we watched a slide show of all our pictures from the transfer. We then went around the room and answered the questions "What was the biggest thing you learned this transfers?" and as a companionship, "what was your favorite memory?" My response was this- "This transfer I've learned that God's plan is perfect. Even the little moves we make and the people he puts in our lives. This is the perfect zone for me to be in, with the missionaries I need, and the trials I needed to learn" Sister Heil answered the next question for us, me not knowing what she was going to say, she said "We have had a lot of trials this transfer. The best thing that has happened to us was how we were able to work things out. One day particular that stood out to us was a few weeks ago when I got an email from my mom saying that a close family friend had died. That same day, exactly a year ago, Sister Reber got an email saying that her cousin had died. It was awesome that she knew exactly how I was feeling and could help me through it." It touched my heart! The transfer call came and Sister Heil found out she was leaving. It was sad. It was sad for our zone, we would be changing. The next few days were really rough. I have really came to love this zone and the missionaries in it. They have done so much for me. This zone is amazing! I truly have never felt so close and unified in a zone. We have became so close. It's like we all grew up together. 
Sunday night I got a call from AP Gillies! "Sister Reber, you're training!" I knew the call was coming, and honestly I wasn't super excited. I was still in "sad mode" about all the changes going on. But I hoped I would get excited. 
Monday night Sister Vakapuna got to come spend the night with us before she left home. It was so good to talk to her and spend some time with her! Man I love that girl! 
Tuesday was so hard! We took Sister Vakapuna to the mission office and I had to say bye(which is just see ya later) to her,  I had to say by to Elder Zaugg. Elder Zaugg has been the biggest influence on me here in Antelope and I'm so grateful for him. Then I had so say bye to Sister Heil. By the time that was all over, I was emotionally exhausted....not to mention the giant bags under my eyes. 
A thought I had during transfers, "When you come on a mission you say bye to your family once. When your on a mission you have to say bye to your family every 6 weeks." These missionaries, the members your serve, they become your family! 
Tuesday Afternoon I didn't have a companion so I helped at the mission office with the new missionaries. I was able to take out of the sisters tracking. It was weird not knowing what Sister I was going to have as a companion. We had fun though. 
Later in the day Sister Soliai, the awesome chick!, came and picked me up and we went to Roseville (her area), had some dinner, and got ready for our greenies! It was so good to spend some time with her and it got me excited! That night we came back to Antelope and stayed here. 
The next morning we got ready and headed to pick up "our baby girls". That moment standing in front of the room waiting to hear which companion is going to be yours so weird! You're nervous, excited, and about ready to through up! Haha. But meet my new baby! Sister Monica Mackay from Zachary, Louisiana! She is so great, has a strong testimony, and is so pumped to be a missionary! It's been fun getting to know her! 
Our first dinner ,the D's, the greatest family ever, had a greenie dinner for her. That was fun! 
This week we had Zone conference, with Elder Kacher of the 70. He pretty much through down! We are becoming casual as missionaries and I personally need to be better. It was good to have some be blunt and say what's what! 
Anyways that's been the week summed up! 
Love you all!! 

*Me, Sister Mackay, and President & Sister Marston
*Saddest thing ever! I love Vak!! Enjoy the RM life! 
*the ENTIRE Antelope Zone! All 10 of us! Purple at Zone Conference!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Look Towards the Temple

Good Afternoon!
Another week in the California Roseville Mission. Time is going by way too fast. As I said my prayers last night it hit me that my time is getting short. I have time, but not much. It also hit me of the love that I have grown for my Savior. I know He Lives! I know He love me! I know He walks with His missionaries every step we take. 
This week I have been thinking about the temple a lot. It seemed like everything I heard this week was related to the temple and the ordinances performed in the temple. I received many miracles and this is one of them. A year ago I received an email from my mom letting me know that my cousin had died in a car crash. Exactly a year later,this week, his parents were able to go do the work for him. I thought about that throughout the day and imagined how amazing the temple is. That same day Sister Heil received an email that a close family friend had passed away that day. Coincidence? The same day we received a new investigator, a member referral, and a young woman invited us to her graduation party so she could introduce us to all her non-member friends. I'm convinced that our Heavenly Father blesses his missionaries and their families! 
I don't have much time to write today but, know this. I love you! Heavenly Father loves you! You're Savior loves you! You are awesome!
Sister Reber 

D&C 138:54-60
54 Including the building of the temples and the performance of ordinances therein for the redemption of the dead, were also in the spirit world.

55 I observed that they were also among the noble and great ones who were chosen in the beginning to be rulers in the Church of God.

56 Even before they were born, they, with many others, received their first lessons in the world of spirits and were prepared to come forth in the due time of the Lord to labor in his vineyard for the salvation of the souls of men.

57 I beheld that the faithful elders of this dispensation, when they depart from mortal life, continue their labors in the preaching of the gospel of repentance and redemption, through the sacrifice of the Only Begotten Son of God, among those who are in darkness and under the bondage of sin in the great world of the spirits of the dead.

58 The dead who repent will be redeemed, through obedience to the ordinances of the house of God,

59 And after they have paid the penalty of their transgressions, and are washed clean, shall receive a reward according to their works, for they are heirs of salvation.

60 Thus was the vision of the redemption of the dead revealed to me, and I bear record, and I know that this record is true, through the blessing of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, even so. Amen.

D&C 132:46
46 And verily, verily, I say unto you, that whatsoever you seal on earth shall be sealed in heaven; and whatsoever you bind on earth, in my name and by my word, saith the Lord, it shall be eternally bound in the heavens; and whosesoever sins you remit on earth shall be remitted eternally in the heavens; and whosesoever sins you retain on earth shall be retained in heaven.

D&C 20:17
17 By these things we know that there is a God in heaven, who is infinite and eternal, from everlasting to everlasting the same unchangeable God, the framer of heaven and earth, and all things which are in them;

Sister Reber
California Roseville Mission 

Sis Gibbons came to visit:)
This is my new buddy J!! So funny!