Monday, September 29, 2014

Leaving Palo Cedro

Hello Family and Friends,

Well I am typing this as Sister Gibbons and I drive down to Antelope to drop her off at the mission office. She will get on the plane in the morning and head home. She has been a great companion and we have made it through the rough spots. 

As for me....
I am headed to Auburn 1st Ward and will be a Sister Training Leader (STL), which is Sister Zone Leaders. I am very excited for this new challenge and opportunity to grow. My new companion is from Finland and has 2 transfers left. Send another sister home?? Why not:) I have no idea about my new area but it will be good.

As for Palo Cedro, the Sisters are taken out. It's sad to see because of how many sisters need them but....God knows what he is doing. I guess Sister Brewster, Sister Gibbons, and I did what needed to be done. President Marston called me last night and said "you WILL be going to J's Baptism and will be teaching her with Anderson
Sisters through Skype. I am sad to leave her this close to her baptism but she will be fine. Elder Van Kammen will be taking over the area with a new companion. He was pretty nervous this morning when I handed him a huge pile of papers....but he will be fine as well!

Last night I went and said goodbye...or see Ya a bunch of people. It was very hard. I made it through most of the day without crying until I got to the S family and cried a little, the H family even worse, and then Sister L.....I tear up even thinking about it! It is amazing how much you come to love someone in a short amount of time.

I officially made it through a Redding, CA summer. I told Heavenly Father I would leave after I saw it rain in Palo Cedro....and He let it happen.

Thank you for all your amazing examples! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Next week will be calmer and I can get a good email out.

Sister Reber

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