Monday, July 27, 2015

CRM for life!

Good Afternoon!
What a crazy week!! My week at a glance.....

Monday: P-day! Transfer p-day.....sad! As soon as I get close to these missionaries...they get transferred. They truly become family and best friends! It was sad to see them leave and to know that I will never serve around them as missionaries again. I'm proud of them all! There is some amazing missionaries in this mission! 
I also received an email from my mom that my Grandpa wasn't doing well and that he would probably pass away this week. I was shocked. It shocked me that just 30 minutes before I received mom's email I was bearing my testimony of the Plan ofSalvation to one of my best friends on my mission. Thank goodness for a wonderful friend, Sister Rawlins! I just went out in the hall and cried! Poor girl....didn't know what to do! And I was fine with that! After that I was fine! 
Monday night crazy! We got spotlighted by a helicopter!! Ya!! (I will save the story for when I get home;)) 
Sister Taylor came and spent the night with us and it was so fun to talk and catch up on life! 

Tuesday: Service at Sister Ortegas! Member visits! District Lunch for the last time with "my kids"! 

Wednesday: Helped out at the mission office for Transfers! Got to see so many of the gang! Sister Soliai, Elder Avery, and Elder Gentry!! 

Thursday: District Meeting! Sister Mackay kicked some but during practice teach this week! YAAA that's my girl!!😀 

Friday: Weekly Planning!! We decided to mix it up this week....go a little crazy;)....and plan in the mothers lounge! At the end of planning I received a call from President Marston. I knew what it was about, I was relieved, I was sad, but more than anything I was comforted. I never would have thought that I would loose 2 family members and multiple close friends while on my mission. Heavenly Father has definitely been preparing me for this moment my entire mission. There is nothing that I have a stronger testimony about than the Plan of Salvation. I know that He is in a better place! 
Friday night we had a wonderful time at the ward BBQ!

Saturday: We went out working our butts off trying to find some people to teach! We ended up dropping the 2 investigators we had...BUT God is good and gave us 2 new ones....ones that WANT this gospel, that call us to come over! You know that quote "sometimes we have to give up something good for something better!"? Ya it's true! 
So Saturday night we were at the church and the youth had a dance. We were getting ready to get in our car and this van pulls up and these crazy girls come running out screaming "sister Reber"! I was like what the heck.... Made my night! It was the Milligans from Auburn!! So fun to see them! 

Sunday: Church is always awesome!! There were so many less actives to church this week and to make it better....we had a missionary homecoming and farewell in the ward this week! 

Today: Robin came from Auburn to take us to lunch! It was so good to see her:) 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you! I love this Gospel! I love my Heavenly Father! I love sharing this gospel! Have a wonderful week!! 

❤️Sister Reber
California Roseville Mission 

*Service with Sister Taylor, me and Sister Mackay! 
*running till the end!! 

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