Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 1

Dear Family and Friends,
Holy Cow! I'm on a mission! It's crazy how fast time has flown by just this past week! Time flies when you are having fun...and feeling the spirit! I am doing so AWESOME! I am learning so much and striving to become a great missionary. The teachers are so great here and have helped me learn so much! I couldn't be happier with my life right now!
My companion! Her name is "Sister V" and she is 22 years old. I am actually the youngest missionary in my district. Sister V is a convert and has only been in our church for 1 year and 4 months. She is amazing! She has taught me so much and has so many insights that I never would have thought about. She lived in Texas and moved to Utah a year ago, and that is when she heard about the church! She actually just walked into a church one Sunday then asked after Sacrament if she could learn more about the church. Pretty cool story!
My District! Man I have the BEST DISTRICT EVER!!! Here is just a little bit about each one.
"Sister S" - From SLC area. She is Poli (Hawaiian). She is 21 and amazing!!! Such an amazing spirit and testimony. Funny!
"Sister H" - We actually met each other on Facebook before coming. It was so fun to walk into the room and already know her. She is from the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. This girl has a testimony like none other! She brings the spirit just by walking into a room!
"Elder C" - He will be going to San Jose California with "Elder A". "Elder C" is from an Indian Reservation in Canada. He is 21 years old. Such a fun kid to be around! Me and Elder C have found ourselves being the entertainment. We love to crack jokes.
"Elder A" - He is from Vernal, UT (APT. 40...his brother is Brad's roommate!). He is 19 as well. Such a fun Elder to be around. He is like me in the thinking sense.....we both have to think about what we want to say for a long time before it comes out...but then it's good.
And that is our whole District. 2 Elders (which are the District and Zone leaders now), and 4 Sisters.
I was made Music Coordinator 2 days after I got here....I thought I would get out of playing the piano. Guess not. But it will be fun:)
My new goal...other than the missionary stuff...is learning how to play Volleyball. For all of you that went to school with me you know how bad I am...like getting hit in the face! haha. So I have been playing volleyball every gym time. Funny enough...I have a fan section...and a Tongan Elder, speaks French, and going to Bora Bora Tahiti (how awesome of a mission is that!). He doesn't speak English but he makes "sounds" haha and gives me thumbs up! He is too funny! As for my success...well I can hit it over the net now!
Some of you asked who I have seen here at the MTC? I have seen Elder Coombs everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times. I have only seen Elder Mendez once because he is on the West campus, and I got to see MR.BOGH (Elder Bogh now I guess). Fun to see people I know.
Church was really different here, but SO GOOD! We just have church with our zone (so like 11 missionaries). Then the entire MTC splits for Relief Society and Priesthood. Such a strong spirit!! Sister Van Duren and I have been going to Choir practice and it has been so fun! We are singing for a fireside tonight. Should be a very spiritual experience. I'm excited for that.
We are teaching 2 investigators. One is just a teacher pretending to be one and the other is from the TRC. TRC investigators are either non-members that really are investigators or members acting as their real investigation story. Our TRC investigator has been amazing! We are excited to meet with her every time we go! We love her so so much! They are not able to tell us if they are members or not.....Sister Van Duren thinks she is a real investigator...I'm still not sure. (she could just be a REALLY good actor). But either way...she has taught us so much!
It is crazy to think that I will be in California in exactly a week! I'm so excited though!
Thank you all for your support and encouragement! I pray for you all and hope things are well in your life! Remember that our Heavenly Father loves you and is watching over you!
My challenge for you this week: Post your favorite scripture and testimony to Facebook this week! Let me know how it goes for you:)!
Sorry for the long letter, I'm just SO HAPPY and excited to share:)!

Sister Reber

Picture: L to R back. Sister H, Sister S, Sister V, Me
Front L to R. Elder C, Elder A. 
"At the temple on our Sunday Walk"

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