Monday, April 28, 2014

Your Four Minutes!

Hello Family and Friends,
What a great day it is today! The sun is shining, the weather is perfect, and I am put preaching the Gospel! Nothing could be better!
Here are just a few highlights of my week. Some of those everyday things I haven't been sharing.
1. I gave my first Book of Mormon focus at District meeting this week. It went great, actually a lot better than I thought it was going to. I talked about using The Testimony of the 8 Witnesses while teaching lessons.
2. I feel so bad for my piano teachers! I taught an Elder how to play a song on the piano this week...just about killed me. Haha.
3. We went to Sister V's house in Shingletown. She has the funniest stories! She was a little girl, she was out working in the field and saw some Vultures flying around. She ran over to see what they were eating and it was a dead cow. She reached inside the cow and grabbed one of the vultures and took it all the way home. She says "I wanted to fly with that thing!" "Man it stunk so bad!". If only I could tell you the story in her accent! She also cut eggs out of a snake once.
4. I have had 6 people comment on "my accent" this week! I didn't think I had one but....I guess I do. One guy said "that is not a Utah accent what the heck are you speaking!" Haha. I guess I should probably speak more...proper!
5. We helped Sister L put in a sprinkler line this week. Me and Sister L love talking about showing pigs. She had a 4-h pig club for 20 something years. She has pig stuff ALL over her home. Brother O was there. He has dementia and the 2 of them together are just too funny! We spent about 4 hours there. We had to cut a bunch of roots with a hand saw before we could dig.(see pictures)
6. We were tracting in Shingletown this week, a safe part of it, and all of the sudden it started hailing on us. We didn't even have jackets. That was quit the adventure!
7. There are Utah foods/specialties and then there are California foods! What's up with Mayonnaise and Broccoli?? Everyone here dips stuff in Mayonnaise!

This week I studied the talk "Your Four Minutes" by Bishop Gary E. Stevenson, from General Conference. If you have any spare time, I encourage you all to go read it! What an awesome talk! "You are an eternal being. Before you were born, you existed as a spirit. In the presence of a loving Heavenly Father, you trained and
prepared to come to earth for a brief moment and, well, perform. This life is your four minutes. While you are here, your actions will determine whether you win the prize of eternal life. The prophet Amulek described, "This life is the time ... to prepare to meet God; yea, behold the day of this life is the day ... to perform [your]
labors." We have had Eternity to prepare for this life, and Eternity to look back on it. But we only have now to love it. This short time on Earth decides what we will do for the rest of Eternity. "Don't wait. Your four minutes will pass quickly, and you'll have eternity to think about what you did in this life." (Your Four
Thank you all for your support and prayers! I love it here and wouldn't rather be anywhere else! I pray that you all have a great week and stay safe!
Sister Reber

Just a informational fact...the "Because of Him" video was shared over 5.2 million times since the Sunday before Easter! If you shared it, thanks for doing your missionary work!
This weeks challenge: pray for a missionary experience! Let faith replace fear!

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