Monday, April 21, 2014

Hope On. Journey On.

Family and Friends,
I hope you all had a GREAT Easter and good Spring Break. What a blessing it is to be on a Mission! I could not be happier to be here in California.
This week I have been working on the Christlike attribute of Humility. At the first of the week During study Sister Brewster and I have came to realize the reason we are here in Palo Cedro. Although there are probably other reasons, we have been blessed with working with so many wonderful inactive women. Last week our district taught 21 less active lessons, this week Sister Brewster and I reported 10 less active lessons ourselves. We are not here in Palo Cedro to Baptize(unless that happens), We are here to "help others come unto Christ by helping
them" RETURN! It isn't about the numbers! There are so many amazing women here! I have learned so many lessons from them. Just a couple lessons:
1. Although I don't truly understand drug/alcohol addiction I have came to LOVE these amazing women that have found themselves in those circumstances.
2. Women, girls, Don't ever settle for less then you deserve! Some people you think you can change, but you can't. Men...same goes for you.
We were able to have 3 less active members at church on Easter. It was such a great day!
I have always known that people come into our lives for a reason. Being on a mission has just proved that to me even more. Being friends with different people at home, has made it so much easier to know what to do in different situations here in Palo Cedro. I have two women that we are working with that I have bonded with so much.
The weather here in Palo Cedro has been great, the members are being missionaries, and Sister Brewster and I and excited to be here:) I hope and pray you all have a wonderful week!

Hope on. Journey on.
Sister Reber

Challenge: Show your ward missionaries you love them, do your missionary work, and give them a (prayerfully sought out) referral!
Don't forget to Follow Up:)!

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