Monday, November 24, 2014

Give Thanks!

Smile it's a Beautiful Day!
Isn't it a great day? If not... You better make it that way! As President Hinkley always said "life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!" This week Sister Phelps and I have been focusing on the little things, the miracles, and seeing the positive in everything! We have had such a great week! There were some pits but a whole lot more peaks!
This week we were able to spend a few hours doing yard work with an awesome less active. It's  Mandarin Orange season now, and for your information....Utah "cutie oranges" have nothing on the good California stuff! (I may just stay in California forever...I'm so addicted to all this fresh fruit!) But back to the story! We found the perfect looking orange and Sister Phelps told me this awesome story/I don't know what you would call it..
A tree, that is naturally growing upon the earth produces naturally this round vegetation.
You and I can pick off these products and see that they fit into the palm of our hand.
Whose hand? Our hand! It was made for us!
It has a layer around it so as to keep the contents within fresh, protected and delicious so that we can consume it! We can eat it! It was made for us!
You peel off that outer layer and see there is multiple bite size pieces! What size pieces? Bite size! It was made for us!
Each of those bite size pieces has another protective layer around it to make it convenient for us to pull apart, and not get our hands sticky, throw into our mouth and delight in the taste while it
provides us with multiple necessary vitamins we need to survive!
Within the Orange, most often are seeds. That when planted can bring forth another tree to carry on the same process. All coming forth naturally from the earth!
Man has never been able to create something so miraculous and simple. This orange, as well as other wonders here on the earth were given by a loving God, who is our Heavenly Father, to us! Everything that has been made is for us! He loves us. This earth was created by him, for us! There is no better, more loving, knowledgeable, understanding and powerful being than your loving Heavenly Father. Consider the Orange and remember it is all for you."  -Mike McKinnon

We truly do have so much! "And he who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even an hundred fold, yea, more."
D&C 78:19
A few other highlights from our week...
We went to the B Family's home, which they have a big farm and do Markets with their produce. They are the coolest people ever! Brother B taught me how to read the sugar percentage in fruit. I was thrilled to learn new agriculture stuff! I also ate a Roasted Fire Ant! Nasty!!! They are a delicacy in Peru. I was brave and ate it plain! Brother B bragged about us to the whole Ward at the ward
party how cool of sister missionaries they have! Haha the things you have to do on a mission!
The Thanksgiving Ward Party was nice! We had a lot of less actives and non members there and it was a good night.
R was Baptized on Saturday! What an awesome experience. The spirit was so strong at her baptism and her family was able to be there. R is the last one in her family to get baptized and now they are
working towards going to the temple as a family. Such a cool experience. Just a side note. Last week we were teaching R and she shared her testimony on how she found out that God was real. I was in
shock!! As I listened to her story it started sounding more and more like the experience I had. As tears filled my eyes I knew I was sent here to help teach R. It's such an amazing blessing to be on a mission. Her confirmation was a spiritual experience for all. As she sat down to be confirmed, in front of the ward, she started tearing up. Her blessing was amazing, led by the spirit, and boy does she has an amazing life ahead of her. She stood up and looked at the ward and said "wow, that
is happiness!" I'm so blessed to be on a mission!

I hit my half way mark! 9 months have gone way to fast!
Family and Friends I'm so thankful for this life on earth, for every day we get to wake up and see Gods creatures, and to know each one of you! Thank you all for the support and encouragement!
Sister Reber

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

 -Celebrating 9 months at Mongolian BBQ for the first time
 -Hump Day!! 9 Months:)

 -Sister Hänninen(was able to come back for the baptism)R, Me, and Sister Phelps. Happy time!
 -Our Truck....his name is Lance Kelly!
 -Fire Ants!
 -Zone Meeting with President Marston!

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