Monday, March 2, 2015


Good Afternoon Family and Friends(you might as well be called family too!),
What an awesome week! Missionary work is so awesome! I really wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now! My week in a glance...
~ Awesome lesson with a part member family we are teaching. We were talking about the past lesson we had with them and asked them if they had any questions. It made me feel so needed, and know that I am in Auburn for her, when she said "I didn't understand my prayers being answered until you talked about it with me last time, I not am realizing that my prayers are being answered." Sometimes this "Hicktown farm girls talk"(Sis. Vakapuna) can get to people. 
~We were able to go to the Family History Center with R, a recent convert, and start her on her family history. I have really come to love family history on my mission. I also did some more work on D's family history and found some more names to take to the temple. Although he wasn't all the way there when I told him, he was excited. 
~Lot's of Service this week. Care Center, Cleaned some house, and cut potatoes to be planted for a farmer. 
~R, our Recent Convert, is doing awesome! We were able to have a FHE with her this week and it went great. She has such an amazing testimony. 
~Zone Conference this week was awesome! It was all about becoming converted unto the Lord. If you have some time...or make time:) here are some awesome talks to look up and read. "Converted unto the Lord by Elder David A. Bednar" and "Be Ye Converted by Bonnie L. Oscarson". We also got news that our mission is having a temple day all together. I am so excited for that. 
~The past few weeks we have been teaching D the lessons. He is our old ward mission leaders son. Him and his 3 siblings were adopted from Ukraine 2 years ago. It has been so fun getting him ready for his baptism. He really digs right in and loves the gospel. I wish I would have been like that! Last week we met with him right before his interview and he was so excited because he knew all the questions. At the baptism Bishop said "D came into my office for the interview, ran in, sat on the chair, and said "I'm ready Bishop I know all the answers! The sisters just told me everything!" Haha! Our kid passed the test! 
It's been a wonderful week! I love this work! Thank you all for your wonderful examples!
Sister Reber

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