Monday, March 23, 2015

Another Week has come & gone.

Hello Everyone!

So I have had a lot on my mind the past week, learned a lot, and excited for a new week. Here are just some thoughts, experiences, and whatever else from this week.

~“As in all things, Jesus set the example for us. … In his great intercessory prayer he stated, “I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do” (John 17:4; emphasis added).  If we are to use Christ as our guide through life, we too have to finish the work God has given us to do.  I think Christ is trying to tell us simply and succinctly that complete joy will only be hour when our actions and aspirations match perfectly with God’s plan for us, and not God’s plan for somebody else.” -Patricia T. Holland

~“Do you remember the old object lessons we would sometimes see in classes on sin and repentance?  You pound a nail into a board and pull it out.  Sin is likened to the nail.  You can pull it out with repentance, but the hole is there afterwards.  I never felt comfortable looking at the hole still in the wood.  I reject the whole idea.  I think Christ’s Atonement re-weaves the fibers of that board as if no nail was ever driven."  --S. Michael Wilcox

~We had a wonderful ward conference this week. One of the discussions was on The importance of family councils. Here are just a few notes....
          How does a family council differ from family home evening?
           Family home evening- friends are invited, missionary work is going on, and it consists of family bonding.
           Council-family concerns become resolved, planning occurs, each family member has his right to talk, create unity in the home, confidential, make it a pattern. As needed. Planned an advance. Don't just council when there is a problem.
           The perfect family council?
         Bring treats. Give them out at the end. Identify the issue or concern of the council. Everyone is to be heard. Councils often, regularly. Be sensitive. Start with a prayer. Strive for unity at the end of the council. Post out come on a family bulletin board, follow up.

           How can we have family council when someone disagrees with families standards?
Ground rules, the things that aren't negotiable. Discuss unity, why we
do certain things in our family. Every member should have a voice.
Come up with an outcome of what punishments should be and everyone
agrees on it. Ongoing patience, there will always be something or
someone that will be a constant offender. Show constant love no matter
what.  One on one councils. Councils are 2 or more people, it can be
like a companionship inventory.

~The past few weeks we spent multiple days in Gridley, with Elder Nielsen from the Seventy, learning how to become "Disciples in the Digital Age". We are so blessed to have wonderful tools at our fingertips. As new advancements come, we are able to see more and more miracles. As the world moves forward, so does our church, and so does missionary work. As our mission starts this new program we will currently be off of all Social Media(for a few weeks). This next week
the new Easter video "Because He Lives" comes out, we were able to view the video this week...AMAZING!! We were also able to relieve some statistics from the Christmas video and from the initiative missionaries were able to pick up 34,000 new investigators! We would invite you to share this Easter video with friends and family through all your Social networking. "If we don't flood the Internet with uplifting and spiritual things, Satan will  gladly do otherwise" said Elder Nielsen.

~Elder Neilsen also talked to us about our Ipads and why they are letting us use them. He talked alotabout Pornography. Back in the day people were coming into missions talking to the missionaries about drugs and alcohol, now it's Pornography. We have to learn how to overcome those temptations. Elder Neilsen said, to us, "You have kids waiting to come down to this earth. They are hoping their mom and dad's don't get involved in Pornography. It's not just about you missionaries, it's about your future families." One rule we are to follow is always having our companion at our side, he invited us to do the same when we get home. To have someone that we can be accountable to. 

~This week we were able to get Destiny, a 13 year old, on date. What an awesome experience. We started talking about baptism and she asked "So when can I get baptized?". That's the most rewarding things as a missionary! We are excited to continue working with her and see the miracles in her life. 

~Today was kind of a rough day. Sister Vakapuna received a call that a member in her last area had been diagnosed with stomach cancer and that she only had today to live. This morning we traveled down to Roseville for Sister Vakapuna to say goodbye. It was hard, I tried to stay tough, but it was hard. Seeing your companion in hard! It was so hard to hold back tears as a saw a family surrounding their mother. I am so grateful for the plan of salvation! 

Love you all!
Sister Reber

-Happy St.Patricks Day!!
-The New Missionary Age! Our new ipads! 

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