Monday, March 16, 2015

Staying in Auburn.

Good Afternoon Folks!!!
What an awesome week it has been! First off, transfer calls came in...and I am staying in Auburn. 5 transfers here...5 in my last..I guess I am a long termer! That's ok! I love my companion and 
ready to see why I stayed here longer. 
Here are a few highlights from my week...
Monday~P-day! We took the Sisters bowling and we had a great time! We have such awesome sisters! 
Tuesday~All mission conference! What an awesome experience! Elder Neilson of the 70 and Brother Heaton from the MTC came and talked to us about the new church Ipad system. It was great to see all 200 and something missionaries together.
Wednesday~Zone Meeting! Good times....
Thursday~Service at the Care Center. This week I worked on a puzzle...cause I love that so much:) We also had a car fast day so members took us around to every where we needed to go. It was fun to have members so involved with us throughout the day. 
Friday~We received some sad news that our friend, Dave, was shortly leaving this earth. He later died that night. I thought I would be sad. Of course it is hard not being able to go spend time with him anymore BUT he is in such a better place. I also have been able to spend some time doing his family history work and that has been a blessing. 
Saturday~Exchanges! I was able to spend time in Alta Sierra with Sister Puletua! What a fun time! It is good to get out of your own area once in awhile and work with others. We had some awesome lessons. 

I am so thankful for the wonderful experience of being on a mission, people I am able to gain relationships with, and the testimony I have been able to grow. 
Thank you all for all you do! 

Sister Reber

I would challenge you this week to:
Make a post on Facebook of what the Atonement means to you. 

Our mission will not be on Facebook for a few weeks, so I would invite you to keep the missionary work going for us!

 “The comforts we have, the peace we have, and, most important, the faith and knowledge of the things of God that we have, were bought with a terrible price by those who have gone before us. . . .It is because of our Redeemer’s life and sacrifice that we are here.  It is because of His sacrificial atonement that we and all of the sons and daughters of God will partake of the salvation of the Lord. . . .It is because of the sacrificial redemption wrought by the Savior of the world that the great plan of the eternal gospel is made available to us under which those who die in the Lord shall not taste of death but shall have the opportunity of going on to a celestial and eternal glory.  In our own helplessness, He becomes our rescuer, saving us from damnation and bringing us to eternal life.
                                                          --Gordon B. Hinckley

~Auburn South District Unites again!
~The Auburn Zone...and this explains our relationship!:)

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