Monday, June 30, 2014


Good Afternoon Everyone,

I hope you all are having a great summer☀️ and enjoying some cooler weather for me. I don't know what I was thinking when I told Heavenly Father I wanted to go anywhere that wasn't cold... but anyways despite the heat, it has been a pretty good week. Since I didn't have much time last week to email, here is a funny story from last week.

We were walking home from a lesson, as we were walking along talking we see this bird on a fence post. We were only 4-5 feet away from it and it didn't even move. We sat there for a minute just watching it and it sat there and starred at us. I started to think "man people say we bring the spirit but that much?...;)". So I decided to walk over and try to touch it. I started petting the thing and Sister Brewster almost crapped her pants she thought it was so funny. (See attached picture) We couldn't figure out what was wrong with it so we picked it up and took it home with us. We put it in a box....ya know how it goes. Well there is a Jewish lady that takes care of animals like that so we go walking to her house. On the way there we here the bird moving around so we open up the box and the bird is sprawled out face down in the box....oops. Now we have this dead bird, in a box, and we are carrying it around. Can you imagine us knocking on people's doors and them asking us what was in the box? Then sister Brewster accidentally drops the box and there goes the bird and everything on the road. We made sure no one was looking and scooped it back into the box. Finally....I just ended up throwing the thing into a ditch. Rip R&B! So there's your funny story.

This week was filled with excitement! Long but good! We traveled to Chico this week to a training meeting for a new test we are going to run and said our goodbyes to President and Sister Weston.
President and Sister Marston will be running the mission in about an hour! I'm so excited to meet and get to know them. It will be a great new adventure.

Thursday we had a pretty rough lesson with some investigators and some other problems so we had a great "bonding time". We filled the kitchen sink up, put our feet in, and laid on the counter and talked till bed time. A girls gotta do what she's gotta do right?

We spoke in Sacrament meeting Sunday....we threw down! It was so good and we had so many compliments. My blunt personality sure did pay off! The Bishop was so happy!

The Nordstroms(which we live with sorta) have two 18 year old boys staying with them from Denmark. Coolest kids ever! We have been having too much fun listening to them talk to us. The investigators are all still progressing and doing well. Never take this Gospel for granted. Transfers next week.

There are about as many Latter-day Saints as there are People in Los Angeles. There are about as many missionaries as there are people in Ogden, Utah. That's like comparing the Empire State Building on top of the Eiffel Tower to a one-story cabin! It's the weight difference between a cow and a baby! That's a gigantic difference. We, the members (the silent majority) can do so much more than we do. "Now, my brethren and sisters, we can let the missionaries try to do it alone, or we can help them. If they do it alone, they will knock on doors day after day and the harvest will be meager. Or as members we can assist them in finding and teaching investigators."(President Hinckley) What will you do? Will you let the missionaries do it all on their own, or will you STEP UP TO THE PLATE, SWALLOW YOUR FEAR, and let the Spirit tell you what to say? The Choice is YOURS.

This weeks challenge: Since it's the 4th of July and we are celebrating our Freedom, post on Facebook why you are thankful for RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. Tag me in it if you would like:).

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is truly a worldwide Church. Nevertheless, it is important to realize that the Church could never have become what it is today without the birth of a great nation, the United States of America. The Lord prepared a new land to attract the peoples of the world who sought liberty and religious freedom. This new land was blessed with strong leaders who felt duty bound to establish a government that allowed individuals to worship according to their own conscience. The Founding Fathers of the United States believed that religious faith was fundamental to the establishment of strong government. Many people in the world, however, have forgotten the central importance of religious beliefs in the formation of the policies, laws, and rules of government. Many Americans, for example, do not understand that the founders believed the role of religion would be as important in our day as it was in their day. The founders did not consider religion and
morality an intellectual exercise--they forcefully declared it an essential ingredient of good government and the happiness of humankind.
(The Tradition of Light and Testimony)
Have a great week! A great 4th of July! And have some missionary FUN!
Sister Elli Reber

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